Why Would Anyone Want Junk Silver Coins?

Prior to 1965, the United States minted silver coins to be used as money.  They are commonly referred to as “junk” silver or 90%.  They are called junk silver because they were used in circulation and have no collector value.  A “bag” or $1,000 face has about 715 ounces of silver.  Bags can consist of half dollars, quarters or dimes. 90% generally trades close to the spot price of silver like other bullion products.  However, when it is in short supply, the premiums on these coins can go up significantly.

junk silver coins

While many investors buy junk silver for investment purposes, many think of junk silver coins as a great tool for trading in a possible barter scenario.  With the recent stimulus and deficit spending by the US government, many fear that the US dollar may become worthless.

During the Y2K scare, junk silver coins were bringing a 50% premium over other silver bullion products.  However, when silver supply is in the surplus range among dealers, these coins often get melted and converted into .999 silver bullion products.  Consequently, the amount of available 90% in the market is sometimes very scarce.  For this reason, there is a lot of upside potential for the value of junk silver.

We continue to see the premiums on silver bullion products at higher levels than they were before the virus scare.  Premiums are still twice (in terms of dollars) what they were pre-shutdown.  And we are still being told that wait times on most silver products are 4-6 weeks.

When bags of 90% can be purchased around the same premium as 100 oz silver bars, it is an ideal time to pick some up.  Right now, we have a limited quantity of 90% bags that have an even lower premium 100 oz bars.  Call us today for a quote!

We hope you are all doing well and staying positive during these unprecedented times.

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