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While premiums on most popular silver items remain high, some alternatives exist

As we have been reporting in the past few weeks, since the dramatic drop in the silver spot price in mid-April, the supply of physical silver has remained low and premiums on the most popular products (i.e. silver eagles, silver maples, silver rounds and bars) are higher than we’ve ever seen them.  During these times, some of the less well known products that are manufactured become appealing to investors looking for lower premiums and immediate delivery of silver at the current spot rate.

For instance, we currently have a limited quantity of 2 types of kilo silver coins issued by the Australian Perth Mint, the Koala and the Rabbit.  We also have a quantity of 10 oz silver bars that are brand new and individually sealed in plastic.

Please call us today for current pricing.

Silver Koala Coin

Silver Rabbit Coin

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