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Precious Metals Loans

No Need to Liquidate Your Precious Metals Collection

Fulfill your short-term cash flow needs with a precious metals loan.

How It Works

American Precious Metals, Inc. can now put you in touch with a private company that is offering precious metals loans.

For customers with short term cash flow needs, who do not wish to liquidate their precious metals position and/or possibly pay taxes on any gain from the sale, it is now possible to obtain a loan that is backed by your precious metals.  This is a great option for many precious metals investors, as traditional banks will not loan against your precious metals since they do not have the ability to store them as collateral.

precious metals loans

The precious metals that you pledge as collateral for your loan will be held at the CNT Depository until the loan is repaid.  If you choose, A.P.M. would be glad to help you ship your precious metals to the CNT Depository so you can be sure they are fully insured during transit.

Only loans of $50,000 or more may be requested.  Loans can be for up to 80% of the value of your precious metals at the origination of the loan.

Loans are for a maximum of 180 days.  After 180 days, there may be an option to renew.

We recommend contacting CNT Depository Customer Service directly for more information. (508) 807-4815

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