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Safeguard your precious metals with a trusted, privately owned depository located in the United States.

Why 3rd Party Storage?

American Precious Metals is pleased to now offer you a storage solution for your gold, silver, and other precious metals with a trusted, privately owned depository located in the United States. While we have always been and still remain proponents of holding your precious metals investment in your physical possession, in today’s climate it may not be safe to hold large amounts personally.

Most insurance premiums are cost prohibitive for a policy covering theft of precious metals from your home and safe deposit box contents are not FDIC insured.  For that reason, segregated vault storage with a private, fully insured third-party custodian is a great option for storing your gold, silver and other precious metals bullion products.

cnt depository

Segregated storage means that your precious metals investment is held separately, and never comingled with other investor holdings.  The coins or bars that you put into your storage account, will be the exact same metals that are disbursed when the time comes that you want to sell or take physical delivery of your precious metals.

American Precious Metals has selected CNT Depository, Inc. as our storage services partner. CNT has a strong history in the industry, a staff of storage experts, and they use latest technology to protect your assets and confidentiality. To learn more about CNT Depository, Inc. click here.

We can provide a copy of the storage services contract with American Precious Metals upon request.  Please contact us today at or 1-800-522-GOLD for rates and more information about our precious metals storage services.

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