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Physical Gold Buyers Will Now Crush Central Planners

By Jim Sinclair
“Gold is freeing itself as an emancipation process from the gold banks control via paper gold that has no gold whatsoever involved in it. The thralldom of the gold price ends when the Evil Kings of Gold, the Gold Banks, are clearly proven to have no gold clothes on.
The emancipation of gold from paper is now in progress as physical demand increases unperturbed, and rather pleased by the lower price of the metal of kings. The central planning fools, in their effort to try and break the mystique of gold via a paper crash, have only ignited what once was sparks into flames for its physical accumulation….
 “They do not understand that the day demand stands for full delivery at a contract maturity, even at these low prices, the fraudulent nature of the gold future, gold lease, and OTC gold hedges is revealed and therefore destroyed.
This could occur in gold at any price and need not be foreshadowed by a rise in the price of the metal. Since there is no gold anywhere and above ground supplies are now being significantly consumed by us, the physical gold market will set the price unencumbered by governments or manipulators. This freedom from manipulation by paper is the emancipation of gold.
Every time you buy one ounce of physical gold you cast your vote against the system and its masters, the banksters. These sociopaths rule by being bullies and committing fraud. Their days are numbered and gold is the ‘White Knight’ that is going to slay the evil dragon.
 The biggest mistake the central planners have made is to depress paper gold, which they thought would stop the physical run on gold. They have ignored the fact that the Cyprus plan for confiscation of depositors’ funds, originally at all levels of wealth, plus their clear call for nationalization of retirement accounts and funds, has gone viral around the entire world. No amount of denial will now stop the average person or the wealthiest of individuals from seeking other means to privatize and protect their wealth.
We all know that the next move of central planers can be predicted as currency controls. Consequently the trend to buying gold, seeking out of the system storage and closing down of large in the system deposit accounts and in the system retirement accounts, will now only accelerate.
The central planners in their infinite lack of wisdom have, by bombing the gold price, simply made the source of the problem more transparent and added huge short positions to the no gold behind paper fraud. KWN readers around the world have to keep in mind that the central planners have never, in all of history, succeeded in eliminating gold’s role as money, or as a timeless protection of savings. 
If the COT report does not reveal an enormous growth in the short position in gold then it will be revealed as being as much of a fraud as was the LIBOR rate. That is not to hard to understand when you recognize the exact people who gave you LIBOR are also the major architects of the COT.
We live in evil times wherein there will be no hesitation for the sharks to attack the other sharks when a severe weakness has been exposed. The Federal Reserve in NYC and Morgan may have a common tunnel between their precious metals depository, but given an opportunity, based on any weakness, either would attack the other for profit.
Governments annoyed by the prejudicial Cyprus ‘bail-in’ proposals, knowing that gold does not exist behind paper, need only accelerate their physical purchases to further expose the weakness that the now non-functioning fractional gold paper system has exposed.
This why two of the professionals that did recognize $1900 as a price the Banksters were most uncomfortable with also see this month as the culmination of an attempt to destroy physical demand by crushing the paper price. I cannot speak for Mr. Fennen, but I know that is Polny’s view. We are witnessing history here, and before this is over the physical gold buyers will crush the central planners.”