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Market Comments – Sept 2017

After months of waiting for a confirmation of the direction of precious metals, the accompanying charts say it all.

All the manipulations, short selling and panic selling appear to have subsided. Looks like a new bull market now for plenty of reasons:

  1. Uncontrollable creation of Federal debt (weak dollar)
  2. Two years of solid price gains, reversing the 5 year bear market
  3. Huge gains in mining company share prices
  4. Artificially low interest rates
  5. Worldwide excess money creation
  6. 6th straight year of declining mining output
  7. Threat of nuclear war with Korea
  8. Toppy stock market
  9. War on cash
  10. Threat of cyber-attacks

It looks like we could be in for another ride up like 2008 to 2011.  A good time to establish, or add to, a position while you still can.

gold chart








us dollar chart