News from American Precious Metals

07/17/2013 The “Zero Hour” Scenario, Revisited

“People don’t understand leasing….They somehow think that if the federal government leases gold to JPMorgan, that JPMorgan backs up a truck and drives away. That is not what happens. The gold stays where it is. The gold doesn’t go anywhere. The gold’s in Fort Knox, the gold’s at West Point, … Readmore

07/15/2013 Richard Russell’s Remarks – July 15, 2013

I told you to sit tight with your gold. But perhaps you sold it, and paid your taxes. Now you’re out, and you may want to get back into gold. At what point should you enter? Who knows, it’s your call — you just have to close your eyes, and … Readmore

07/11/2013 Gold Leaps on Dovish Fed Remarks

Gold jumped to a near three-week high on Thursday as the dollar tumbled after the U.S. Federal Reserve signalled it would continue to pursue monetary stimulus, given tame inflation and a fragile labour market. Read full article

06/10/2013 Silver Investment Demand: The Ticking Time Bomb

Even though silver investment demand has picked up recently due to the lowest prices in over two years, this may be just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come in the future. Currently, only a small fraction of investors understand silver’s future potential but that will change … Readmore

06/05/2013 Richard Russell’s comments on gold

Gold — The chart below has become interesting. Note that the May low is higher than the April low on gold. Rising low points are bullish. Then note that the blue trendline is just being penetrated to the upside, a second bullish item. Any strength in gold now will put … Readmore

05/28/2013 Somebody Is Messing With The Gold Market

“Zero Hour” is what I call the moment when the price of real, physical gold starts to break away from the quoted price on the commodities exchanges. That is, the “physical price” becomes much higher than the “paper price” on CNBC’s ticker. The catalyst would likely be when a major … Readmore

05/23/2013 Gold up sharply as dollar, stocks slide

Gold rose sharply on Thursday as investors sought its safe-haven status after the dollar and equity markets were hit by a slew of weak manufacturing data that indicated stagnant global economic growth.     Stock markets around the world fell, extending the previous day’s sharp losses, on concerns about global economic … Readmore

05/16/2013 Physical gold demand shines in first quarter: World Gold Council

Investors didn’t buy enough physical gold to offset outflows from gold-exchanged traded funds in the first quarter, but total ETF gold holdings were still higher than a year ago, and demand for jewelry, bars and coins grew a lot thanks to China and India, a report from the World Gold … Readmore

05/07/2013 Gold’s Biggest Drop in 30 Years Fails to Deter Advocates

A drive to recognize gold and silver as legal currency, rather than trust in U.S. dollars, is forging ahead with bills in six states, even after gold lost 13 percent of its value over two trading days last month. The gold-as-currency movement, fueled by distrust of federal monetary policy and … Readmore

04/30/2013 Perth Mint Works Through Weekend on Highest Demand Since ’08

Australia’s Perth Mint, which refines nearly all of the nation’s bullion, said that demand has jumped to the highest level in five years after prices plunged, with the factory kept open through the weekend to meet orders. There’s been strong interest, including from the U.S., with buyers speculating that the … Readmore