News from American Precious Metals

08/20/2013 Gold Rises as Weaker Dollar Boosts Demand for Alternative Asset

By Debarati Roy Gold gained for the fourth time in five sessions as a weaker dollar increased demand for the precious metal as an alternative investment. The Bloomberg Dollar Index, a gauge against 10 major currencies, fell as much as 0.4 percent, declining for the first time in three sessions. … Readmore

08/13/2013 Ignore Government-Issued Stats, Gold Is Still An Inflation Hedge

by Jack Adamo excerpt: “History gives us the answer in recent disasters like the Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe, as well as examples going back at least as far as ancient Rome. So, we have a simple progression here. Experience and objective third party data tell us that U.S. inflation statistics … Readmore

08/08/2013 World Gold Council on Fundamental Gold Investing (Video)

Bob Alderman, Managing Director for the World Gold Council, speaks about the enduring value of gold and the yellow metal’s current role in a long-term investment strategy. “The case for owning gold is a simple supply and demand story, [and] it has always been that way. What’s changed over the … Readmore

08/06/2013 Bullion’s speculative trade near its end: World Gold Council

The exodus out of gold this year, triggered by heavy exchange traded fund (ETF) selling, may nearing its end, according to an executive at the World Gold Council (WGC), who expects prices to pick up towards the end of 2013.   “We feel that speculative money has largely come out … Readmore

07/31/2013 The Blindness of Modern Economists

By Alasdair Macleod, Head of Research, GoldMoney The economic establishment failed to foresee the banking crisis five years ago. They then assured us that monetary stimulus was all that was needed to get economic growth back on track. Despite their abysmal track record, they continue with the same flawed Keynesian … Readmore

07/29/2013 Richard Russell’s Remarks – July 29, 2013

“Turning to gold, the P&F chart below is extremely interesting. Gold rallied to the 1340 box and then backed off for three boxes to 1310. Following gold’s rally to the 1340 box, gold formed a little consolidation pattern. Normally, the consolidation formation will break out in the direction that existed … Readmore

07/23/2013 Why Detroit is good for gold: Ron Paul

The Detroit bankruptcy has been called an American tragedy, and one of the most heart-wrenching financial stories of our time. But according to Ron Paul, America’s biggest-ever municipal bankruptcy could actually give gold bulls something to cheer about. Read full article

07/19/2013 Bernanke Confesses to not Understand Gold – Video from Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff discusses Bernanke’s take on gold at his semi-annual testimony before the House Committee on Financial Services.  This is a 3 part video.  To see the segment on gold, skip to 9:30 in the video.  It goes on until about 14:20.  

07/17/2013 The “Zero Hour” Scenario, Revisited

“People don’t understand leasing….They somehow think that if the federal government leases gold to JPMorgan, that JPMorgan backs up a truck and drives away. That is not what happens. The gold stays where it is. The gold doesn’t go anywhere. The gold’s in Fort Knox, the gold’s at West Point, … Readmore

07/15/2013 Richard Russell’s Remarks – July 15, 2013

I told you to sit tight with your gold. But perhaps you sold it, and paid your taxes. Now you’re out, and you may want to get back into gold. At what point should you enter? Who knows, it’s your call — you just have to close your eyes, and … Readmore