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01/19/2017 Gold never existed?

by Patrick A. Heller posted January 12, 2017 “When central banks own physical gold reserves, that means they own coins and/or bars. Mostly they own bars, which have hallmarks of the manufacturer, serial numbers and the weights and purity of each piece punched right into the surface. The central bank should … Readmore

01/21/2015 Gold Gains on Euro Uncertainty

Even the Wall Street Journal recognized today that gold has reached a five month high as investors seek to safeguard their wealth from the uncertainty surrounding the euro. Click here for an article from last week describing just what happened in Switzerland that triggers gold’s recent gains.    

08/15/2014 The Dollar Anniversary

The Dollar Anniversary by Charles Goyette Much has been made of this week’s 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation from the presidency. But while politicians come and go, it is their policies that live after them. Friday is another Nixon anniversary. It marks 43 years since Nixon announced a major … Readmore

02/10/2014 Gold, Silver Futures Head for Longest Rally Since August

Gold and silver futures headed for the longest rallies since August as economic concerns boosted demand for the metals as alternative investments. Data on Feb. 7 showed U.S. payrolls rose less than forecast in January, pushing the dollarto a three-week low against a basket of 10 currencies. The Federal Reserve … Readmore

01/06/2014 2014 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coins, New Security and Finish

Next year’s silver bullion coins depicting the iconic maple leaf will sport a new finish and an advanced micro engraved design, additions that are “cutting edge in coin security,” the Royal Canadian Mint said this week. Replacing the bullion finish associated with the Silver Maple Leaf (SML) since its 1988 … Readmore

01/06/2014 Richard Russell’s Remarks – January 6, 2014

Matt’s Market Insights Gold prices may have declined substantially in 2013, but that didn’t dampen the desire to own physical gold. In fact, it may have spurred desire as demand for gold coins surged. According to figures from the World Gold Council, demand for gold coins was up 63% during … Readmore

09/27/2013 Investor Education and Market Insights – Paper vs. Physical Gold

This piece appeared in Richard Russel’s remarks column yesterday. We think it’s a good synopsis of the pros and cons of investing in paper or physical gold. by Matthew Kerkhoff September 26, 2013 Lately we have received many questions from subscribers regarding the difference between “paper gold” and physical gold, … Readmore

09/25/2013 Gold Bullion – Options Galore for Investors

This is a great article from an issue of Coin World Extra that discusses gold bullion coin options and the history of the most popular bullion products.  It may be a refresher for some, but a nice, succinct educational piece for others. Attachment(s): Gold Bullion Article – Coin World Extra 09.13.PDF

08/30/2013 September Seasonally Strong For Gold Although Major Events Loom In 2013

From Kitco News September is usually a seasonally strong period for gold due to buying ahead of a number of major gift-giving holidays around the world. There is the autumn “wedding season” and Diwali festival in India, followed by Christmas and Hanukah in a number of nations, then the Chinese … Readmore

08/23/2013 U.S. Mint: On Track To Set New Sales Record For American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins

Silver-coin demand has been strong in 2013, and the U.S. Mint said this year could be a record setter for sales of its American Eagle silver bullion coins. Dick Peterson, acting director of the U.S. Mint, said demand for the Mint’s one-ounce American Eagle silver bullion coins is “brisk” and … Readmore