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Gold Correction Well Underway

In our last entry, we suggested that gold had become “overbought” and vulnerable to correct, even though the main theme was taking a closer look at silver. The selloff seemed primarily caused by reaction to statements from the Federal Reserve, especially those of non-voting member Bullard of the St. Louis … Readmore


Let’s Not Forget Silver

By Neland Nobel The last couple of reports have concentrated on gold. Indeed the action on gold has been important.  After a severe oversold condition, gold put in a bottom in early April and has advanced through important resistance at $1800. Gold is once again at important overhead resistance near … Readmore


Gold Breaks Through to Important Overhead Resistance

By Neland Nobel We suggested that gold had put in a major low in early March, and put in a double bottom, a variant of the classic head and shoulders bottom. The importance of $1800 was noted in the last blog and we suggested, that if that level were broken, … Readmore

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The Bitcoin Boom and Its Mysteries

Bitcoin has been on a tear of late.  As you read the financial press, it would seem the world is very desirous of a currency other than the US dollar.  Something that is limited in quantity and hence able to hold its value better than the fiat currencies electronically created … Readmore


Metals in Corrective Phase

We continue to believe that precious metals remain in a primary bull market.  But after becoming significantly overbought, price corrections have been substantial. Gold has taken its second worst drop since 2016, the date we would assign to the beginning of its new bull phase. It has come down to the … Readmore


Fiscal Deficits GDP and the Gold Price

It is widely thought that if the direction of deficits spending is upward, the price of gold will go upward. That has only been partially true.  It certainly was the case in the 1970s.  But it was not so true in the 1980s and 1990s.  So, why if the deficit … Readmore