As Promised, A Metals Update

Prices are down, product dwindling and premiums higher

We are doing our best during this hectic time in our business to keep our customers apprised of what is going on day to day.  Our wholesaler has informed us today that the US Mint has shut down sales of gold product as well.  Last week, no silver was available anymore, now gold.  As a result, we are approaching a period of very limited supply of all physical gold.  We will do our best to accommodate our clients needs, but please understand that these are very different times.

If you are interested in purchasing what gold product remains, please call or come see us and we can see what product is left.  Please keep in mind that while the gold price is down, the premiums are higher than they were before.   Supply and demand drives these premium changes, not us.

If you are in the market to sell gold or silver, please call us.  We are strong buyers.

We will keep you posted as things change….

Best regards,
The Team at APM Inc.