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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Market Comments from Jerry Williams – 09/19/13

The Fed has decided not to taper their quantitative easing policy.  The reasoning was because their goals have not been achieved, so we can look forward to more stimulus until the unemployment rate reaches 6.5%. This news was not well received by foreign dollar holders, but the stock market reacted … Readmore

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A.P.M. Inc Featured in Camelback Corridor Magazine

We are pleased to announce APM’s spotlight in the Camelback Corridor’s latest issue. The article is called “Ties That Bind Or Break – Family Members Working Together in Business.”  It is a lighter, “getting to know you” article regarding Jerry and Courtney as a father and daughter working together on … Readmore


2014 Australian Perth Mint Bullion Coin Launch Video

As we mentioned in our last blog entry, the Perth Mint has released a Bullion Coin Launch Video to showcase the 2014 gold, silver and platinum coin designs.  Click below to see the 2 1/2 minute video. View the video on YouTube

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