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Gold Allocations Are Now Setting In….Will It Follow In Silver’s Footsteps?

Starting yesterday, we were told that gold Canadian Maple Leafs were in short supply and that there would be a delay on delivery times of 2-3 weeks.  However, U.S. gold and Perth Mint gold products were available.  Today, we have learned that the U.S. and Perth Mint gold products now … Readmore

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Silver Supply Squeezed, Premiums Soar and Silver Price Continues to Drop

We wanted to post a silver update today since the news of the week has been mainly about gold.  While the drop in the gold price was quite dramatic, since last Thursday the price of silver has dropped around 15%.  At the same time, we are unable to locate silver … Readmore

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Market Comments from Jerry Williams

Yesterday’s action in metals culminates the worst two weeks of price declines that I have experienced in nearly forty years.  The “support level” of $1550.00 in gold simply melted away by over $200.00 in that period and was followed by silver and the platinum group as well. We now have … Readmore

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What Happened to Gold??

If you are watching the precious metals prices this morning, you may be quite dismayed with their performance.  Following news that the FOMC may be tapering QE Infinity and that Cyprus would sell part of its 13.9 tonnes of gold reserves to help pay for its share of a bailout … Readmore

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Introducing the new 50 gram gold bar – divisible into 50 – 1 gram pieces!

Until now, there hasn’t been a reasonably sized fractional gold product buyers could use for day-to-day transactions or barter situations. The smallest gold coins are 1/10 of an ounce and can be quite expensive. To fill these needs most investors end up settling for 1 oz silver coins or old … Readmore

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Gold Pops Higher after Very Weak U.S. Employment Report

Metals jump up this morning following a much lower than expected U.S. jobs report. Gold prices are moderately higher in active early-morning U.S. dealings Friday. The yellow metal was immediately boosted in the aftermath of a surprisingly weak U.S. employment report, which suggests the Federal Reserve will keep its foot … Readmore

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Drop In Metals Prices This Week Has Not Swayed Investors

Retail buyers have not been swayed by the drop in metals prices this week.  Investors are taking advantage of the dips.  Silver sales are unprecedented and supplies are now slim, with silver maples leafs, silver eagles and generic 1 oz silver delivery times approaching one month.  Be prepared to wait … Readmore

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